What is Vollversion? Its English version

What is Vollversion? Its English version

Jan 20

Vollversion is the German word for “full version”. A full version of something is present in its entirely and not just a trial or demo version. Professionals in any field prefer full version over the demo version since it provides them with the essential (basic) features plus the additional features that can be treated as add-onset it any antivirus software like Quick heal or Kaspersky or any proprietary software like iTunes, Skype, Adobe flash player- it’s always better to purchase the full version since it contains all the licenses and has better flexibility in case of any issue or bugs.

Compare Vollversion and Demo Version

Vollversion contains all the features that are necessary (the ones that were originally intended to be a part of the product when its idea was conceived) plus the extraneous features that are sometimes used to increase the aesthetic value of the product and increase its charisma to the customer. This additional feature doesn’t have to do with aesthetics only-they also contain bug fixes and are add to the productivity value of the product. That’s the reason why full versions are generally paid only version-since more effort is put to deliver the paid version as compared to the demo version.


Demo version is the trial version that is generally released for free to the customers. Many times, companies release demo version months before the full version. They do this to test the waters-they create a basic functional prototype of the product- that users test and provide their inputs for improvisation. The developer team of the company who makes the product then takes the review/feedback for consideration and tries their best to incorporate the suggested features in the full version of the product. Another advantage of releasing demo or prototype of the product is to identify errors or bugs fasters-as there might have been some bugs that may have passed the testing phase without getting detected.


Fix in a Flash

Fix in a Flash

Jan 17

Smartphone’s is the life changing invention in 20th century. These are one of the precious item in everyone’s life. Like blood to body smart phones has become an important part of a human being. Everyone wants that their cell phone keep working because they keep their essential data and many other things but what if it gets broken or screen gets broken or your chargers not working,Flash Fix Provides solution for your every problem. Flash Fix gives your damaged cell phone a new shape that makes you thinks that “Was it really damaged before?”

What is flash Fix?

Flash fix is one of the best electronics and cell phone repair which provide phenomenal services for your Smartphone specialized in repairing any kind of electronics item whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, PC, gaming console, or any other electronic goods that you like to be repaired. With huge experience in the industry, Flash fix is a customer oriented company. Company has a superior team of technical electronic engineers, which are well versed in repairing mobile phones.

Flash Fix

Be it screen crack, battery issues, battery port issues, software issues, data recovery problems, or any other major or minor defects. Flash fix is expert in his field. It mends the gadgets as it is never before. Problem with a cell phone, is now not a problem.

With the help of various experts, we can give a new life to your Smartphone and not a life but a better life. We always make our customers like a family so that you are never confused and freely tell us about your problems regarding your cell phones. 24/7 is one of the best option where you can call our expert technicians as and when necessary. You are the most important priority of our company because without you, we are nothing.

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OnlineWallet apps- The need of the hour

OnlineWallet apps- The need of the hour

Jan 17


With the evolving technology as everyone wants the whole world at touch of our fingers, then how money and money transactions can stay behind. Why use online wallets for online transfers, what if someone walks to you and tell you that now it works for physical shopping as well. Does that mean you can go without any money to any place and still shop? No fear of getting looted? Or are you someone who is careless and forgets his wallet at different places? No problem, thanks to paypal money adder apk which can be accessed at any place and any time of the day to fulfill your moneyneeds.

paypal money adder apk

Advantages of paypal

These new e-wallets, of which PayPal Money adder apk is one, are making the lives of metropolitan citizens easy. The only thing which everyone has in this 21st century is their mobile phones, which is present with the humans more than their souls. So what will be the comfort of having money also on your phone? That’s what these e-wallets let you do, all in that one micro thing of your life. E wallet apks like PayPal money adder apk not only save your time, but also gives you space to use that time which you might have been spending by standing in queue of ATM for more productive job. And please don’t worry what If your app gets corrupted as this is getting many reviews from all over the world which shows that their customer service is always there to help you.

Enjoy your e wallet

Now all you have to do is download the app, transfer the money and start enjoying. Once you switch to PayPal Money Adder Apk, you will feel technology advanced and start referring your friends also.

What is Carrageenan and It Is Safe for the Human Body?

What is Carrageenan and It Is Safe for the Human Body?

Jan 17

What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is mainly used as a food thickener in a variety of food items and dishes which are usually canned. It can be also used in preparing food items like curries and baked food items. The substance was found several centuries ago in Europe and was used in those days for its ability to fight cold and fever.

Physicians recommend it for curing and treating peptic ulcers. The substance comes in two categories namely food rated and degraded, which is also called as poligeenan. However, it is prepared by hydrolyzing the food rated substance which makes the molecules thinner, which then removes the properties which is harmful for consumption.




Several people have related the degraded substance with the food graded substance which has caused a huge misunderstanding. The good news is that the food quality substance of the carrageenan has been tested and evaluated by the Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA).

They are a panel of expert toxicologists who test different food ingredients and provide recommendations on various food elements used in canned and other traditional food items.

What about the side effects of consuming carragenan?

There is no need to get worked up if you have been consuming carrageenan all these years. That is because carrageenan is safe for the human body and comes with no or very few side effects. If you are pregnant, having bleeding disorders, or is having low blood pressure, and then it is better to avoid consuming this substance.

When you are due for surgery, then you will not want to take it for some time, till you have recovered completely from it. The reason for that being, it reduces the blood pressure and slows the blood clots. So, you will want to avoid consuming carrageenan about few weeks when your surgery is fixed and only when you have recovered completely, you can start consuming it again.

Cryosurgery and cool sculpting are different

Cryosurgery and cool sculpting are different

Jan 14

Many people in this world are not happy about their body shape. They want to remove some fat from different parts of their body to get that perfect body shape of their dreams. But the problem is that when you exercise and diet you tend to lose fat from whole of your body. The body does not encourage selective loss of fat because it is its defense system and a way to combat situations like famine.

The selective loss of fat can only occur when you target each area selectively. This can only be done with the help of the most innovative and scientific method that has been discovered till date and that is cool sculpting. Coolsculpting at home is a great method for the people who want to get rid of small amount of fat that has been bothering you since long.

The process is not the same as the cryosurgery because of many reasons such as

coolsculpting at home

The temperature

The temperature that is used is around 50 to 54 degree Fahrenheit in coolsculpting at home while in cryosurgery the temperatures used are as low as 14 degree Fahrenheit. At such low temperatures the cells die instantly.

The killing of fat cells

 It is true that in both the procedures the fat cells are killed but in cryosurgery the cells are killed instantly upon exposure to extremely low temperature. The cool sculpting process, however, starts a natural process of self destruction in the fat cells that is slow and that is sure to get rid of those bothering fat cells.

The time taken

The cryosurgery procedure is almost instant while the coolsculpting at home takes weeks and in many cases even months to get you the results because it uses your natural body processes to get rid of the fat cells.