What is Vollversion? Its English version

What is Vollversion? Its English version

Jan 20

Vollversion is the German word for “full version”. A full version of something is present in its entirely and not just a trial or demo version. Professionals in any field prefer full version over the demo version since it provides them with the essential (basic) features plus the additional features that can be treated as add-onset it any antivirus software like Quick heal or Kaspersky or any proprietary software like iTunes, Skype, Adobe flash player- it’s always better to purchase the full version since it contains all the licenses and has better flexibility in case of any issue or bugs.

Compare Vollversion and Demo Version

Vollversion contains all the features that are necessary (the ones that were originally intended to be a part of the product when its idea was conceived) plus the extraneous features that are sometimes used to increase the aesthetic value of the product and increase its charisma to the customer. This additional feature doesn’t have to do with aesthetics only-they also contain bug fixes and are add to the productivity value of the product. That’s the reason why full versions are generally paid only version-since more effort is put to deliver the paid version as compared to the demo version.


Demo version is the trial version that is generally released for free to the customers. Many times, companies release demo version months before the full version. They do this to test the waters-they create a basic functional prototype of the product- that users test and provide their inputs for improvisation. The developer team of the company who makes the product then takes the review/feedback for consideration and tries their best to incorporate the suggested features in the full version of the product. Another advantage of releasing demo or prototype of the product is to identify errors or bugs fasters-as there might have been some bugs that may have passed the testing phase without getting detected.


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