Invest on bose a20 headsets to ensure better noise cancellation

Invest on bose a20 headsets to ensure better noise cancellation

Aug 31

If you are a pilot, you would understand the absolute necessity of a quality pair of noise cancellation headphones. Tolerating the high sound of engines for hours can be a very difficult task. It can reduce your focus. Risky conditions like this should be strictly avoided. It is highly recommended that you invest on a good headphone to enhance your piloting experience. When it comes to noise cancellation, there is no option better than bose aviation headset. This brand has been producing excellent quality products for over 30 years and has grown as a brand. With introduction of its latest product, it has raised the bar higher for any other brands.

Efficiency of bose aviation headset

bose a20

The latest model bose a20 is considered to be the best aviation headset available in market by many. It is designed very precisely which will suit your requirements very well. The product is so light weight (12 ounce); you will not even feel that you are wearing one. It is efficient in lessening the clamping very much. Thus, even after flying for long hours you will feel comfortable. The headphones offer ranges of features like active equalization which provides crystal clear audio, 2 standard AA batteries which can last for 45 hours, 30% greater noise reduction and a lot more. Thus, by investing on this quality product, you will be able to derive multiple benefits.

Derive best offers

If you are looking for getting quality headsets at affordable range, you can browse through various web portals. Several portals are offering bose a20 for sale. If you keep a track of the latest deals, you may get this exclusive product within your suitable budget. It is advisable that you go through proper research and compare between different portals to get the most lucrative offer. Thus, you can ensure comfort throughout your flight experience with help of these extremely functional and value for money items.


Technology – helping you stay in touch faster and better

Technology – helping you stay in touch faster and better

Aug 18

From days of telegrams and postcards, we have come a long way indeed, now we don’t need to wait for days to get a reply for that love letter we wrote to our beloved studying in an university miles away from home, nor do we need weeks to get our business plan approved by our seniors located in another country. Communication has been getting faster and with the advent of social networks, one update reaches all our friends, family and followers in no time at all.

Now waiting for a physical visit to see how your granddaughter is growing is a thing of past. You can just make a video call and watch her grow. Video conferencing is also helping companies cut costs and the time executives spend travelling, by having a meeting from their respective offices. There are now softwares that even allow remote screen sharing thus letting people work on another’s computer and helping them solve service issues, etc.

kik messanger

Another application that has been growing in popularity and usage is messaging apps. From planning a party, to selling to your close group of customers, from calling an urgent meeting to general sharing of jokes with friends and classmates, messaging apps have been taking over the world of communication. Today people are sending more messages using messaging apps than they are through SMSes. Some good messaging apps like are even having features like playing games with friends from within the apps itself. Most of these apps are free and are thus easily adopted by the users.

Technology as we can see has made the world a much smaller world. Communications of all kinds are getting fast, easy and relatively inexpensive. And in near future it seems this will only get better.

Why air purifiers that emit ozone are health hazards

Why air purifiers that emit ozone are health hazards

Aug 18

Air purifiers that emit ozone are available in the market and have been available for many years. The manufacturers produce these air purifiers as they claim that the ozone which is emitted by these air purifiers removes contaminants in the air which is indoors and they also act like air fresheners. The ozone emitted gives the air a kind of sweetish smell and other odors are masked as a result of it.

What is Ozone

Ozone actually consists of a molecule of oxygen which consists of 3 atoms. Two of these atoms form the regular oxygen that we breathe whereas the third reattaches itself to other substances and alters the chemical composition. These negative ions attract pollutants and contaminants and they get so heavy that they land on the floor or walls and are thus removed from the air.

air purifiers that emit ozone


Ozone in the upper layers of the atmosphere is good as it filters out the harmful UV rays of the sun however, at lower levels the same ozone is bad for health. There are many disadvantages to air purifiers that emit ozone. Ozone when it has been inhaled it damages the lining of the entire respiratory tract. Ozone is an irritant to the lungs and it causes shortness of breath, coughing as well as chest pain. This is seen not only in asthmatic patients but also in people who suffer from no other lung ailments.

California has banned Air purifiers that emit ozone except if the amount of ozone that is emitted is extremely low. The EPA as well as the American Lung Association advise people from installing Air purifiers that emit ozone and especially as there are various high efficiency ozone free HEPA models available in the market. However, if the air purifiers that emit ozone give out very small quantities of ozone, they can be considered for use.