Vanessa Kirby and Tom Cruise dating rumors

Will Vanessa Kirby really become Tom Cruise’s future wife? The British actress has finally reacted to this rumor!

You could not miss this new relationship that freaks Hollywood. An article questioning whether Tom Cruise and Vanessa Kirby are in a relationship was also published on HollywoodLife. For good reason, the two celebrities, currently in full filming of “Mission: Impossible 6” that will be released in 2018, were photographed kissing on the banks of the Seine. But while it was a scene shot for the needs of the film, rumors of dating quickly began to invade social networks.

Vanessa Kirby and Tom Cruise dating rumors

Moreover, many Internet users who remain convinced that the British actress will become the next Mrs. Cruise. But what is it really?

Unfortunately for the fans of both celebrities, Tom Cruise who recently said that he and Vanessa Kirby are not a couple. Both actors have a strictly professional relationship.

It was during an interview with The Daily Mail that the pretty English girl confided:

“There is absolutely no truth in this rumor. I’ve been in a relationship for two years with someone else! The rumors came out after I’d met Tom, once, in a roomful of people. We hadn’t started filming, and all of a sudden we’re getting married! It’s so weird, but my boyfriend found it hilarious.”

The actress also revealed that she never talked to Tom about the rumors. “Vanessa Kirby says she did not even bother to talk to Tom Cruise about it. And he never mentioned it. I don’t think he even knows. The whole thing’s ridiculous,” she explained. An understandable choice. In any case, these are new statements that will not go unnoticed.

Vanessa Kirby and Tom Cruise

The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby is not going to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise. In fact, the actress has called the romance rumors “ridiculous.” “There’s literally nothing true about that,” the actress said of the rumor that arose when she began filming Mission Impossible 6, next to Cruise.

As you can see that Vanessa Kirby denies the dating’ rumors and that she is committed to Tom Cruise. Vanessa Kirby, who plays Princess Margaret in the hit drama “The Crown,” completely denied the “ridiculous” rumors that she and Tom Cruise are dating and one step away from marriage.

Vanessa is best known for playing the Queen’s sister Princess Margaretin Netflix’s hit royal drama, The Crown. Like Claire Foy, who portrays the monarch, the actress has completed her two-season stint. “I was sad to hang up the wig for the last time,” she said after the series finished this past summer.

While creating her vision of Princess Margaret, Vanessa actually had a lot to do with the artistic composition of each scene. Her character, over the course of two seasons, deals with a great deal of heartbreak and, in one scene, she has a meltdown in her bedroom, “She does this melancholy dance. You rarely saw her on her own, and I always imagined her alone in the house, grieving her father,” the About Time actress explained. “I just imagined these dark nights of the soul, rattling around in Clarence House.”

Kirby has won the public’s ovation for her great performance as the Queen’s sister on the series The Crown, whose first season aired a year ago. The actress says she believes that the speculation about her possible marriage to Cruise took so much force because their relationship was never public knowledge, and says that the actor and she never came to discuss the funny rumor.

So, lets believe for now that they are not dating. Maybe she is telling the truth or maybe not, but lets hope we soon spot Tom Cruise again with another beautiful girl. Yes, since Tom is currently single, whichever girl he is seen with is assumed to his new girlfriend. As for now he is single, but we will keep you updated if he is spotted with any new girl and about any new gossip related to Tom Cruise.

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