Hollywood scandal

Hundreds of people joined last weekend in Hollywood in support of the growing movement against sexual abuse that emerged after movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and a number of entertainment personalities faced accusations of inappropriate behavior.

Hollywood scandal

The protesters gathered in front of the iconic Dolby Theater in Hollywood – where the film Academy awards ceremony is held – to draw attention to it.

The protest was held in the context of a flood of crude revelations made by women and men of cases of sexual abuse by powerful people from the entertainment world and beyond.

There were dozens of women marching in the heart of Hollywood, in California (USA), to call attention to recent cases of harassment and sexual abuse recently uncovered and involving producers and famous figures in the film industry.

Film directors printed a tone of optimism about the ongoing scandal about sexual harassment in Hollywood, considering it a “positive” moment that could end decades of abuse and serve as an example to other sectors.

Some with t-shirts and poster that had printed the message ” Me Too “, the label through which hundreds of victims have made their stories public on social networks. The #MeToo Campaign on twitter was viral for several days. The women gathered in front of the Dolby theater, where Each year the Oscar awards ceremony is held.

“We’re not going to shut up!” The Hollywood accusations have given us the opportunity for Latinas to report abuse and harassment as well, “said journalist and presenter Karla Amezola, who participated in the event.

The demonstration comes amid the controversy that emerged after the scandal about the powerful producer Harvey Weinstein, reported by dozens of women in different cases of sexual assault, and who have followed similar accusations that splash actors such as Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Louis CK and Ed Westwick and filmmakers like Brett Ratner and James Toback.

Amezola responded to today’s appeal after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit last year against one of her superiors on television network Estrella TV, and shortly after she was fired.

“We have been forced to resort to social networks to denounce our stalkers because we have no one else to turn to, we need laws that protect us,” she said.

“It is not easy to have to expose ourselves publicly giving the disgusting details of what happened to us because we can not have a trial in court,” she added.

Another of the protesters, Sandra Avila, said the problem among the community is the taboo that exists to talk about the issue. Although the girl has not been a victim of sexual harassment, she says she has had to work in hostile environments.

The journalist Lauren Sivan, who accused Weinstein of unwanted sexual advances, was present at the march and said that in this matter a great participation is needed to make the United States a better place to live and work.

Tarana Burke, of the organization Just Be Inc. and one of the organizers of the demonstration, said that these are just the first steps of a national movement.

James Gunn, director of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” tapes, said it was “something very positive for the industry.”

Last week, comedian Louis CK became the latest Hollywood figure accused of sexual abuse, then producer Weinstein , producer-director Brett Ratner, writer-director James Toback, actor Kevin Spacey and the producer’s magnate. Music and TV Benny Medina.

After the revelations about Weinstein, the once powerful producer to whom a hundred women accuse of sexual misconduct -some of rape-, the commotion has not stopped, and besides Spacey other stars like Dustin Hoffman and Richard Dreyfuss have also been pointed out for such alleged lascivious behavior.

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